World Junior Chess Championship

2 - 15 August 2012 @ Athens, GREECE

GM Richard Rapport remains sole leader after R10, no changes on top in the girls section

The final sprint in the boys section of the World Junior Chess Championship began today with the top 6 boards finishing in decisive games. GM Richard Rapport made an important step, as sole leader he won his game to stay at first place with 8,5/10. However, GM Ipatov reacted on the second board and won with black to remain just 1/2 point behind the leader.

The games of the “chasing pack group” were also decisive, the third position is now shared by GM Yu Yangyi, GM Ding Liren, GM Nils Grandelius, and GM Samvel Ter-Sahakyan. They are the only players just a point away from GM Rapport.

There were multiple surprises on the next boards. IM Eric Hansen drew with GM Zherebukh, the norm winner Mark Lapidus held to a draw IM Heimann, while FM Wei Yi scored a point against IM Shyam Nikil.

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Richard Rapport

GM Richard Rapport

WGM Deysi Cori

The status quo is retained in the girls section after round 10. WGM Guo Qi and WIM Meri Arabidze agreed to a draw right after move 30 and are with 7,5/10. The same points has WGM Deysi Cori, the winner from last year’s edition of the event, who had a chance for a full point, but achieved only a draw against IM Bodnaruk with black.

With this draw IM Bodnaruk remains at striking distance with 7,0/10. The same points has WGM Ziaziulkina, the sole leader from round 8, who made a draw with WGM Vojinovic. They were caught by WIM Irina Bulmaga, another sole leader from round 6, who defeated WIM Klara Varga and WIM Sihite Chelsie Monica who defeated WGM Goryachikna.

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