World Junior Chess Championship

2 - 15 August 2012 @ Athens, GREECE

GM Alexander Ipatov and WGM Guo Qi are World Junior Chess Champions

GM Alexander Ipatov and WGM Guo Qi are World Junior Chess Champions for boys and girls at the WJCC 2012 in Athens, Greece.

GM Alexander Ipatov collected 10,0/13 to claim the first place and the gold medal. He finished with the same points as the silver medalist GM Richard Rapport, but with a better tiebreak. GM Ding Liren won the bronze medal with 9,0/13, also on tiebreak with GM Nils Grandelius.

According to regulations Ipatov qualifies to the World Cup 2013, part of the World Championship Cycle 2012-2014. He also gains 24,4 ELO points to cross the 2600 ELO mark.

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GM Ipatov gold medal and GM Rapport Silver medal in the boys section

The drama in the girl’s section was even bigger. Four players finished with 9,5/13. However, with best tiebreak was WGM Guo Qi, ahead of WGM Nastassia Ziaziulkina, and IM Anastasia Bodnaruk, while WFM Aulia Medina Warda remained out of the medals.


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WGM Guo Qi

WGM Guo Qi gold medal in the girls section

Norms after 13 rounds

IM K.Grigoryan (ARM)                  GM norm (in 10 games)

IM S.Grover (IND)                          GM norm (in 9 games)

IM D.Debashis (IND)                     GM norm (in 9 games)

FM Wei Yi (CHN)                             GM norm

FM P.Schreiner (AUT)                   IM norm

FM. S.Thavandiran (CAN)             IM norm (in 10 games)

FM D.Kigel (UKR)                            IM norm

FM A.Hambleton (CAN)               IM norm (in 12 games)

M.Lapidus (EST)                              IM norm (in 11 games)

WIM I.Bulmaga (ROU)                  WGM norm (in 12 games)

WIM M.Arabidze (GEO)               WGM norm

WFM K.Kulon (POL)                      WIM norm

Wang Jue (CHN)                             WIM norm

WFM A.Medina Warda (INA)     WIM norm


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